Here we are ! Pinkie Bee and Groovy starting a WEB PAGE! who would've known a few short years ago that I would be doing this? I started out dreaming and wishing and wanting to do something that counted with my life. I felt something was missing. I got "itchy" when I started working part time at Freckles costume shop. I would see all the people coming in to get costumes for thier fun events and say of myself "always the bridesmaid and never the bride". quite frankly I was jealous of all the fun others were having. And the CLOWNS that came in. I would listen to them talk shop with the owner , who is a retired clown and really wish.
Well I finally stopped wishing and started doing and look at me now! I get people walk up to me to tell me I am pretty (who gets that in real life besides models?) I get told by other clowns that I am funny (that is the best feedback!) and the most important thing of all I love what I am doing. I love love love being a clown. my life finally feels COMPLETE and full. I get to give joy and laughter what a life!
I thank God every day for giving me the talent to do this and the means. Thank you for the blessings I am able to give others with my gift! thank you thank you thank you